The vibration of the Number 1 leads you to search for leadership with drive and determination.

Once you are committed to a goal you march forward to conquer it, not allowing anything or anyone to stand in your way.

You love being the protector and go to lengths to take care of your loved ones, but you demand respect and attention and may be somewhat domineering and irritated if things don’t go your way.

The limelight of the foreground is your favourite spot and you need to feel in control of important undertakings, no other role will make you happy. People look up to you and know that what you ask of them you ask of yourself in equal manner.

Original and creative in your approach, everything you do has your unique approach and the courage to solve problems with an outside the box vision. Patience is not your forte and you can be impatient with those who don’t meet your standards. Everything rotates around status, success and self satisfaction and you always strive for the finer things in life.

To balance you need to mellow your concerns for appearance, and  an overzealous behavior  that can spark your anger and domineering nature. The potential to create a better world is at your fingertips and if you stand back and see the bigger picture your gift will ripple in many directions for the whole.

Owning your own business is the ideal solution to see you shine, keeping a fast hold on your life dreams and work with the unique determination that you possess to see them come to life.

Activities like competitive sports can balance your natural incorporated stress, as well as the care in the choice of the food you eat will be beneficial, to ensure the drive is directed positively to your highest benefit.

Let your natural talents and abilities move you forward in life they are a gift from the higher self to be grateful for and should promote gratitude and humility and not allow pride and overconfidence to hinder your success.

The limits of this life path are created when something fails and the Number 1 individual feels shamed and depressed – the image is broken…..meditation and self forgiveness is vital . It can be humbled by the experience but the only way is to stand up and be counted again…

Luv and light – Ameeta ♥♥♥

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