If you have a Life Path 3 your creativity will shine in anything you do. This may not be directly related to the art, writing, music, acting or similar although they certainly would benefit from your abundant creativity, but it does show in the way you approach life with an out of the box attitude finding solutions that have a high dose of creativity and inspiring others with your happy let’s play attitude.  

You attract people to you because of your generosity and positive attitude, your attention to other people’s feelings and emotions make you a very charismatic person easy to be around. Your listening skills as your ability to make people feel comfortable around you is a big asset to empower you and them.
As a life path 3 person you live life in the now not worrying and trusting that all will work out for the best, you flow with life, sometimes just a touch too  much or too little.
However when you are not in balance and hurt you can lose your charisma and dramatize  situations, procrastinate and act out of a depressive state. If you are hurt emotionally you tend to remove yourself and lose trust.

To keep your balance and enhance your creativity, playful independence, find ways that keep your communication and creativity flowing in a more empowering way for yourself and those around you.
Involve yourself in work or activities that allow you to communicate through your soul, see how you can activate creativity in others and operate in areas that keep you in balance and playful.
Even when hurt see the humor in your reactions in the end even in these situations it is not a drama but a playfulness of another sort and that it too will pass.

Create and show others the way to not take life too seriously..

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