With a Life Path 4 you are the builder the rock of the foundation of Humanity. You work hard and have stamina and persistence and no one can match your standards. Resilience and a capability to multi – tasking makes you a very good organizer and a down to earth person with sound values. You do not fear taking the road less travelled you have the abilities to build and empire out of a pile of ashes so long as there is order and a plan.
To be happy you need to have a plan and see everything in it’s place, you see things your way as being the only way and your home is your sacred place. Sometimes however you forget that those around you may not see life the same way and this is lived as a challenge to your order. Honesty is vital for you and you expect it from others too. You are a mental and analytical person and can be prone to too much mind activity which leaves you no room to relax, this can keep you in a space of worry and anxiety when things don’t go as “You” had planned.

Loyal and reliable, people know they can rely on you at all times, sometimes to your detriment. You need to remember that it is OK if plans don’t work out and find time for yourself to be able to have a balance in your life when it is too full of people and projects that need your attention.
When you are unbalanced you can be too set in your ways and resist anything that is not part of your organized life, this can make you too serious and you can act without considering the feelings of those around you, which in turn can turn them away from you. When change occurs or a plan does not work out you can become very cautious and limit your opportunities and feel stuck and at a loss. Know that it is important for you to regain your strength and rebuild your empire YOU CAN DO IT over and over again…

As a Life Path 4 you are grounded reliable and strong the best planner, but there is a bigger plan that is begging you to trust and let go of the resistance to what you cannot see.

You will always find ways to rebuild your empire and the rewards will follow, enjoy every moment and don’t resist change and you will be fine.

Let go of the idea you can control everything because you will be disappointed. There is always something much better around the corner if only you give yourself permission to go around the corner, especially if it isn’t part of the master plan you really want to follow.

Relaxing is not a word you can relate to but know that unless you find time for pure fun or just being in nature you can be sure something will show up to force you to stop and smell the roses.

You love giving back and find many ways to share the generous rewards of your hard work.

Luv and light (by Ameeta – Inner silence 2015)♥♥♥

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