As a Life Path 5 you are the modern day free spirit, and don’t like being tied down, you consider the world to be your home. On the other hand as a Life Path 5 that has not experienced the world and doesn’t love adventure you may need to step away and see if you are held back by fear or the opinions and conditioning imposed by others. Freedom is your inner most desire.
Life Path 5 is full of curiosity for new connections, ways of life and tapping into what they consider a search for their life purpose. You are a Gypsy with an instinctive love for the unstructured life, even in the chosen job you thrive where there is no routine and have no problem in keeping a suitcase ready for any last minute flights to unknown destinations.  As a 5 you can’t be pinned down unless your wings have been cut. The same way you love your freedom you also give others freedom, and don’t understand how anyone can live a life of routine. The connections you make with other people along the way makes you merge easily with cultures around the world and feel you belong to all but you don’t like borders.

For those 5’s who have lost their wings life can be frustrating and they constantly dream of setting foot outside their comfort zone but are very insecure, which is the extreme of the restless free spirited 5.  

As a Life Path 5 if you can’t find a job that allows for travel and flexibility you will create your own, anyone who understands the versatility and sense of adventure will certainly enjoy the rewards of your knowledge of the world, people, cultures and a savior fare of adapting to any environment and making the most of it, at least till the next adventure.

A Life Path 5 calls for flexibility and adaptability to change and go with the flow of life. When balanced you can look forward to change and understand that security is a restriction to your innate freedom seeking Soul. If unbalanced the Life Path 5 becomes the worst prison and you can become ill due to the limitations you impose on yourself out of fear of change.

The same intensity you show in searching for freedom is reflected on the opposite when you are tied down and  try to give a structure and direct your life. Although you  can become very scattered and without direction your chart usually contains the right vibrational energies to balance this urge.
Be who you are and follow your Souls desire for freedom. If you lose your wings your life will be sad and you will feel deep down there is something missing but won’t have the courage to change not because you can’t but due to the intensity of the wound imposed by your imprisonment to routine.  

Your adventurous nature needs to receive your attention and when you follow it the right opportunities will present themselves for you find a place where these gifts will be appreciated and greatly rewarded. Explore the world and empower those you meet with your contagious curiosity and love for life and freedom. There are many people who can benefit and will find their wings even for smaller things like the right to choose what and where to be, you are the light to show them the way.

Luv and light (by Ameeta – Inner silence 2015)♥♥♥

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