Life Path number 7 has a loner – Hermit inclination. They hold the knowledge of the Universe and know things without knowing how the information has come to them.

They love natural beauty: ocean, green grass, plants, flowers, . are comfortable in nature where they feel at home with the whole. Sevens are mysterious beings intellectual, analytical and intuitive, they have a natural love/hate relationship with spirituality, they either accept it or strongly deny it.

The Seven Life path is not an easy one, people don’t understand them and although they have all this knowledge when they say something it is so deep that others don’t always get it and this creates insecurity and the reason why they are so secretive.

 The Life Path 7 is analytical in all fields, in a flash they can analyze a situation and find the most amazing solution, but it also hinders them as they tend to over think and analyze every aspect of their life. What they are meant to do is instead have faith and go with the flow. Seven’s are blessed and dear to GOD !

 A Life Path 7 seeks the truth about life and searchs for it in many directions gaining infinite wisdom. Spirituality needs to be accepted by Seven’s to gain the peace and joy they deeply know is part of them and when this occurs many will benefit from their light.

Seven’s experience aloneness as the most natural state, life will give them the space they need to connect to the Soul, once they understand why they leave the hectic and busy life behind them with such ease they enjoy life to the fullest. To love a 7 means giving them freedom to have time alone, it is part of who they are and although too much time alone will isolate them too much, if those around a seven can reach out to their needs relationships will balance. A seven is very aware of this need for isolation and the challenge is to go into the world so they can balance their life and share their wisdom with others.

They can seem mysterious and aloof and very independent, but if you get to know them you will get to understand their depth and the reason for their isolation and will appreciate them. Life path 7 people are here to see the connection between heaven and earth and trust the process. When they are unbalanced they worry, stress and chase what in reality comes to them naturally. The balance is to go with the flow of life and have faith that all is OK.

Seven’s are deeply connected to the Source and see the ripples of opportunity that can reach from far and unknown ways. There is no need to fret or chase life but allow it to come to you and follow the steps as they appear. If you don’t see them step back and evaluate your state of mind and faith. It will certainly need some balance. Travel without a purpose for you is not possible, there needs to be a meaning you are not side of the pool type, just embrace it and do whatever makes you explore the depths of the culture or place you visit.

Luv and light (by Ameeta – Inner silence 2015)♥♥♥

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