Life Path 9 is the world humanitarian, as a Life Path 9 you have an extremely strong sense of compassion and generosity you just can’t help it – where you see a person or situation that needs attention you are there. Helping others is very important to you the Soul connects you to the less fortunate  knowing you are selfless and will do the utmost to bring attention and care to the situation..
You see the world as ONE BIG FAMILY where we all share of what we have and give freely of yourself, your money energy, time and work hard to make a better world. People look up to you for your dedication and infinite generosity.  

The Life Path 9 is the natural leader, but don’t overdo it let others help you as well ask for it don’t assume you only need to give it. What you don’t ask for will bring a sense of abandonment and a feeling of not being loved but in reality what others see is the image of the leader you show so well.

Because of your urge to help the world you may involve yourself in too many directions and will tend to give to the detriment or your own wellbeing financially, emotionally, spiritually and physically so it is important that you find a balance so that you focus on one project at a time and make a strong stand towards your vision. 

The price for not following your life path and trying to chase personal material gain will make you feel out of balance and totally dissatisfied, this can give you a sense of frustration and lower your self – esteem when things don’t work.
Every time you move away from your path you will be deeply challenged and the Life Path 9 will need to overcome a lot, but as a highly spiritual being and LGHTHOUSE of spiritual consciousness the rewards come from being the light and will find that helping others is far greater than any possession you can gain, and in that moment life will flow to you in ways that will expand your awe towards creation…

The challenges you face will in the end be another way of helping others, showing them how to overcome anything and find the way back to a place of strength and self-love that we all experience at some point or another.
The number 9 is the last number symbol of completion of a cycle understanding what the lesson was but it also is the prelude to a new beginning so it asks you to not fear endings but look forward to what lies ahead.

Go with the flow of life it will not lead you astray. Use your gift to create ways for people to expand their consciousness with projects that will keep your inspirational skills constantly rippling into the world.

Give yourself a chance in relationships, trust that you can make it work, understand that the same way you scatter your energy in too many projects the same you scatter energies in relationships to the point you may bring them to an end. Have patience allow the other to show you what is possible and enjoy what is one moment at a time.

Go into nature and extend your love to all that is and feel the deeper connection you are highly intuitive the Universe has no secrets or limits for you, trust and you will be taken care of.

Luv and light (by Ameeta – Inner silence 2015)♥♥♥

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