General wellbeing and relaxation

General wellbeing and relaxation


What do I mean by General wellbeing and relaxation? Simply that we live busy lives and keep ourselves so busy that we have created a new image of wellbeing. A natural state would include time to just relax and be in the moment, what has now become the trend is a push to get so much “done” that we cram activities and to do lists in every spare moment and have lost touch with our inner essence. As can be expected this frantic activity impacts our emotional state that is constantly under strain by worry, anxiety, fear etc….that’s where NLP and Hypnotherapy can bring you back to balance all aspects of your wellbeing and relaxation, by releasing anything that isn’t in alignment with the original and balanced wellbeing default program. Yes, we did have a default program working perfectly well just like a new computer, and it was only our obsession to listen to the Conditioning Virus that corrupted the system.

Finding balance and releasing the need to busy ourselves to find happiness, is pivotal for wellbeing. Finding time to include in our daily lives moments to use Self Hypnosis to relax and release stress is essential. Changing the way we think changes what turns up in our world and creates a general state of wellbeing and relaxation.

We are all worthy of the best that life can offer and seeing opportunities to improve our story rewires our internal Computer System. Remember the inner story we tell ourselves is the film we see on the outside.

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