Alessandra (Ameeta)

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…………..silence is precious it holds all the answers we are seeking…………..

Ameeta – in Sanskrit means “Seeker of the Truth” I also have a 7 Life Path and since an early age looked at the sky in search of answers of why and where I came from……

Alessandra is the name I was given at birth as a “Human Seed”

…and I am  the eternal seeker of the truth always aware of a “presence” guiding me (even in the darkest and most challenging moments of doubt)to new skies to explore and flow with life…..

The gifts I have to give are Reiki and Cranio Sacral, the constant search for the truth has provided the passion for numbers and how they vibrate with the chakras, astrology, enneagram, colour essence, crystals and Angels…

Like all other souls my journey has been at times smooth and mostly challenging, but above all it has lead to this amazing moment in the journey where I can share all this with you so that you can understand how your own journey is unravelling.

Although I have a 7 Life Path and quite a few 7’s present in my chart, which now I know has been the pull to the evolution of my spirituality for many years, I was a skeptic(more precisely the mind ego had lead me to hibernate the seeker) until a sudden event placed me before a crossroad and the signs I had before me were so unexplainable by my skeptic mind that I had to explore this new door….and so the masters, guides, messages, people and miracles just turned up and books would literally fall off shelves….Believe me I tried to go backwards when it was hard and rough but there is no going back because deep inside the whisper gets louder and it tugs you in a way that you know you can only go forward…

So I hope you join me in the gap where the mind is silent and finally all the answers are available ……

Happiness and peace are an inner knowledge that is projected out into the world……what you ask you receive…… so pay attention to your thoughts and mostly to the emotions that accompany them.

“Nothing is an accident”

Luv and light – Ameeta ♥♥♥

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