what is spirituality

Masters and Healers…….spirituality is not a quest, a search or whatever it has been labelled to be…..that was just a trick to keep you searching, longing to be worthy of something that is actually here and now and present in you since you landed in this plane of reality.

You already are enlightened but all this chasing has made you drift into a new reality of seekers…What we call Masters are souls like us who are generously sharing what they have found to be spirituality. Our minds however tell us that we have to do something or understand something to reach that peace and ‘knowing they have’ . Nothing is further from the truth, what they are showing us is so easy and right before our eyes that we just don’t get it, or to be correct the ‘mind’ cannot grasp it as it is not something that can be understood through ‘knowledge’ as we know it  but feeling from the heart. It is such a subtle feeling that comes from within that you need to silence the  noise of the thoughts that flood our minds to hear it or more correctly ‘feel it’

Feel your heart as it guides you, it has all the answers….be the Master you were meant to be……

Love yourself so much that you will have so much to share of it ….

Luv & light Ameeta (c) ♥♥♥


God dwells in me ….as Me

We are all human seeds and within us is all the knowledge of the Whole Universe, that is how powerful human seeds are. Yet, we move through our lives riddled with fear, anxiety, and worry, as diminished creations of God only because we have relinquished our power to the conditioned mind and ancient memories handed down generation after generation.

God is within each one of us and if you marvel when you see perfection in a flower that blooms in the most infertile soil ..you are glimpsing at Gods perfect creation why would you consider he would not be in you with such perfection…

God dwells in me and I am his message to you so I could experience this inner  perfection and want to share it with you….

Luv & Light Ameeta ♥♥♥





Don’t resist anything trust that what is occurring in your life can change with the blink of an eye. Going against the current is hard and creates more of it. When you flow without attaching to anything something amazing happens IT ACTUALLY GETS BETTER AND ABUNDANCE SHOWS UP IN ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE. Stop the doing, the conjuring how to change things, asking why me, anything that keeps you in tension and feels so hard and you feel you are not getting anywhere…JUST STOP IT NOW!! Then patiently wait ( DO NOT DOUBT!!!) and allow the things you were resisting to turn into MAGIC!!!

Luv & light by Ameeta (c) (Innersilence)♥♥♥


Considered to be the love stone the ROSE QUARTZ is the omen for increased self love, compassion and protection for EMPATHS. This crystal has the soft qualities and aids the process of forgiveness and healing. It is also the omen for love in the purest form of freedom to be.  

Luv and Light (Inner Silence) by  Ameeta ♥♥♥ ( © Innersilence)

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