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Time to start our journey and explore the magical numbers of Numerology.

In this life time  my purpose is to search and find the answers ……..

Numerology has in many ways given me many haha moments and answers , once you understand the importance of the vibration of numbers you will see life from a different perspective.

Mostly you see the Yin and Yang at work.

As the eternal seeker I have come across the various and outstanding connections between the number

vibrations + the Astrological signs.

Let me explain this a bit better:

  • A person with a life path 7 belonging to the fire sign Leo will have a different vibration to a person with the same life path 7 but (and here lies the first haha) belonging to the water sign Pisces.
  • Formula to calculate your Life Path = adding up your date of birth (i.e. 02/04/1977 – 3+4+1+9+7+7 = 31=3+ 1= 4 Life Path

But lets start with the magical numbers……..use the dropdown menu and click on Life Paths.

Life Paths

Numerology readings

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