General wellbeing and relaxation

General wellbeing and relaxation


What do I mean by General wellbeing and relaxation? Simply that we live busy lives and keep ourselves so busy that we have created a new image of wellbeing. A natural state would include time to just relax and be in the moment, what has now become the trend is a push to get so much “done” that we cram activities and to do lists in every spare moment and have lost touch with our inner essence. As can be expected this frantic activity impacts our emotional state that is constantly under strain by worry, anxiety, fear etc….that’s where NLP and Hypnotherapy can bring you back to balance all aspects of your wellbeing and relaxation, by releasing anything that isn’t in alignment with the original and balanced wellbeing default program. Yes, we did have a default program working perfectly well just like a new computer, and it was only our obsession to listen to the Conditioning Virus that corrupted the system.

Finding balance and releasing the need to busy ourselves to find happiness, is pivotal for wellbeing. Finding time to include in our daily lives moments to use Self Hypnosis to relax and release stress is essential. Changing the way we think changes what turns up in our world and creates a general state of wellbeing and relaxation.

We are all worthy of the best that life can offer and seeing opportunities to improve our story rewires our internal Computer System. Remember the inner story we tell ourselves is the film we see on the outside.

UTI & IBS (Urinary Track Infection & Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

UTI & IBS (Urinary Track Infection & Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

What do UTI & IBS have in common? From and NLP & Hypnotherapy point of view both are emotion related. Now you may ask, how can emotions impact my body and create these unpleasant and painful situations in my body? Well of course the causes are and can be a result of external factors, habits and behaviours, medical, however working with clients that have experienced both UTI or IBS or both together for years (with no apparent medical reason)the best results were achieved when addressing the emotional impact in specific moments of the occurrence.

I will give you an example of one particular case: very fit young person, healthy eating ticks all the boxes of “what to do” to be healthy fit and motivated, YET both UTI & IBS “were”present and very acute (Often requiring hospitalization). After assessing the history it is clear that even the healthiest meal is washed down with “emotions”(anger, resentment, guilt, hurt, fear, sadness, anxiety). Can you see how the added ingredients can impact your body? This client after the “Emotional Detox Diet” and medical evidence(always make sure you have an MD check there are no medical reasons and use medication protocols where necessary) has been able to release both UTI & IBS from the body and is also eating food that before was on the “not good list”, blamed for causing the problems.

This is not to say that every case is by the manual, however its important to understand that when you pay attention to the emotions and the area of the body they relate to, a whole new mindset kicks in and even the most skeptical person notices differences in the body.

Our Unconscious Mind has the blue print manual of the body. Our mindset creates our reality and the body has no choice than to create illness when it is unbalanced emotionally. Pay attention!!

If you would like to explore this with me or to book a session (SKYPE or one on one) complete the form below.


Anxiety vs Happiness

Anxiety is our struggle for survival in challenging times but also our fear of the future.

It would be easy here to give you symptoms and reasons why you experience or have experienced anxiety,

You know that very well no need to give the unconscious mind more reasons to find it.

I have however chosen as part of my journey out of it and in helping others to give you reason and ways “WHY”

you can and deserve happiness and that you are worthy of the best life can provide(whatever that is for you).

The approach is simple and NLP and Hypnotherapy provide many tools to reach high levels of self confidence and peace, happiness, joy, love, worthiness.

Learning to surf the waves of life, sitting in the middle of any hurricane or simply feeling part of the human community where support IS always at your fingertips,

All this is available with Hypnosis and NLP…Here are the symptoms you can expect by choosing to do sessions with me:

  • Easier access to states of Happiness
  • Ability to feel inner peace
  • Understanding the triggers
  • Renewed sense of joy for life
  • Finding ways to love yourself
  • Accessing moments of deep meditation at will
  • Ability to see your worthiness in all situations
  • Giving new and empowered goals for the Unconscious Mind to chase for you with ease.
  • …………….and so many more because the most important thing is that everyone perceives life in their own way and that is to be respected and actually implemented.

It takes courage to choose happiness and commit to yourself ….I know and believe YOU CAN DO IT….I have been there and know how it feels so if I CAN DO IT so can YOU!!!

Contact me for more information or to book a session….You can do it NOW or you can do it later NOW!!


Audio for sleep and relaxation

Relax Audio

[Remember to listen to this recording freely to sleep or relax – not while driving or using machinery]

luv and light Alessandra ♥♥♥

Motivation vs Inspiration

Why do we believe that we need to push and push to achieve our goals…Did you know that through INSPIRED ACTION we actually not only achieve more but it makes us HAPPY…Listen to your SOUL it “Knows” what is waiting for you in the unknown and it is not only WAY BETTER but also is beyond anything you could imagine and then again beyond that…….Luv and light Alessandra ♥♥♥

NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming & Hypnotherapy

I suppose you may be wondering…..why I haven’t posted for quite some time.

2017 has been a year of following the path to achieve my goals, especially because it’s a N. 1 Numerology year – very important for new beginnings…. it started when I set out to write my goals in December 2016 and wrote a HUGE DREAM …one that is super scary and challenging…THAT’S RIGHT……

Well…. it turns out that I was guided to train in NLP and Hypnotherapy and here I am now letting you all know that I am an International Trainer/Practitioner of NLP and Hypnotherapy & Time Line Therapy(R) Practitioner….cool stuff happening………all in my HUGE DREAM!!

Empowering myself to empower others and create prosperity/peace/joy/laughter/creativity to ripple into the world.

We become what we focus on…..our inner talk is writing our day to day story….what we see in our lives is that story……what would you say if I told you that with very simple techniques you can change the way you see your world and the part you play in being either at CAUSE or EFFECT. By the way its best to be at CAUSE where the cool stuff happens….

All this is part of NLP and the relaxing Hypnotherapy.

There will be new services and workshops/trainings available soon so keep an eye out for updates.

Let me take you on a path of discovery unlike any other…if you are willing….. because you are the author of your story….. I can guide you and open the door but you need to want to walk through it and find the magic…..THAT”S RIGHT……

Luv and light Alessandra alias Ameeta (the seeker)♥♥♥