UTI & IBS (Urinary Track Infection & Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

UTI & IBS (Urinary Track Infection & Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

What do UTI & IBS have in common? From and NLP & Hypnotherapy point of view both are emotion related. Now you may ask, how can emotions impact my body and create these unpleasant and painful situations in my body? Well of course the causes are and can be a result of external factors, habits and behaviours, medical, however working with clients that have experienced both UTI or IBS or both together for years (with no apparent medical reason)the best results were achieved when addressing the emotional impact in specific moments of the occurrence.

I will give you an example of one particular case: very fit young person, healthy eating ticks all the boxes of “what to do” to be healthy fit and motivated, YET both UTI & IBS “were”present and very acute (Often requiring hospitalization). After assessing the history it is clear that even the healthiest meal is washed down with “emotions”(anger, resentment, guilt, hurt, fear, sadness, anxiety). Can you see how the added ingredients can impact your body? This client after the “Emotional Detox Diet” and medical evidence(always make sure you have an MD check there are no medical reasons and use medication protocols where necessary) has been able to release both UTI & IBS from the body and is also eating food that before was on the “not good list”, blamed for causing the problems.

This is not to say that every case is by the manual, however its important to understand that when you pay attention to the emotions and the area of the body they relate to, a whole new mindset kicks in and even the most skeptical person notices differences in the body.

Our Unconscious Mind has the blue print manual of the body. Our mindset creates our reality and the body has no choice than to create illness when it is unbalanced emotionally. Pay attention!!

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Anxiety vs Happiness

Anxiety is our struggle for survival in challenging times but also our fear of the future.

It would be easy here to give you symptoms and reasons why you experience or have experienced anxiety,

You know that very well no need to give the unconscious mind more reasons to find it.

I have however chosen as part of my journey out of it and in helping others to give you reason and ways “WHY”

you can and deserve happiness and that you are worthy of the best life can provide(whatever that is for you).

The approach is simple and NLP and Hypnotherapy provide many tools to reach high levels of self confidence and peace, happiness, joy, love, worthiness.

Learning to surf the waves of life, sitting in the middle of any hurricane or simply feeling part of the human community where support IS always at your fingertips,

All this is available with Hypnosis and NLP…Here are the symptoms you can expect by choosing to do sessions with me:

  • Easier access to states of Happiness
  • Ability to feel inner peace
  • Understanding the triggers
  • Renewed sense of joy for life
  • Finding ways to love yourself
  • Accessing moments of deep meditation at will
  • Ability to see your worthiness in all situations
  • Giving new and empowered goals for the Unconscious Mind to chase for you with ease.
  • …………….and so many more because the most important thing is that everyone perceives life in their own way and that is to be respected and actually implemented.

It takes courage to choose happiness and commit to yourself ….I know and believe YOU CAN DO IT….I have been there and know how it feels so if I CAN DO IT so can YOU!!!

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HYPNOTHERAPY There are many misconceptions around Hypnotherapy/Hypnosis, it is more correctly the Detox, Emotional Diet & Gym for the Mind. You are in control during the whole session! It facilitates healing in both body and mind reaching the deeper levels of the Unconscious Mind for significant and lasting change. Many people experience a deep to medium relaxation and lightness and notice unequivocal changes after each session.
Like all therapies, Hypnosis works because YOU chose to be the Co-Therapist.

Hypnotherapy, NLP, TimeLine Therapy ® and or a combination of all therapies are beneficial for:
o General wellbeing relaxation
o Anxiety
o *IBS/UTI with the Emotional Balanced Diet
o Virtual Gastric Band
o Ideal weight management
o Release Smoking
o Release Alcohol
o Addictive behaviors/habits
o Greif
o Limiting beliefs
o Constant negativity
o Past Life Regression
o Ease Depression
o Understanding & releasing Stress
o Phobias, Fears
o Sleep disorders
o Goal setting
o Self Esteem/Confidence
o Increased Motivation vs Procrastination
o Understanding how Emotional Triggers sabotage our lives
o Chronic pain

*IBS = Irritable Bowel Syndrome
UTI = Urinary Tract Infection
PSTD = Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


  REIKI is a Japanese word, which refers to the active “life force” of the universe.
For a long time it has been acknowledged by many eastern and ethnic cultures, that the universe is not just empty space, but that it is filled with a dynamic, conscious energy. Names given to this energy include “Chi” in China, “Ki” in Japan, and “Prana” in India and Tibet. Nearly every known culture has healing traditions and practices based on this life force and it is clear, that there is only one energy, known by different names.
The word “Reiki” is now commonly used to refer to Mikao Usui’s System of Reiki Healing, by the channelling of the Universal Life Energy through the hands. Reiki helps to heal mind, body and spirit, by accelerating the body’s own ability to heal itself physically, and by opening the mind to the emotional and mental causes of disease and pain.


Motivation vs Inspiration

Why do we believe that we need to push and push to achieve our goals…Did you know that through INSPIRED ACTION we actually not only achieve more but it makes us HAPPY…Listen to your SOUL it “Knows” what is waiting for you in the unknown and it is not only WAY BETTER but also is beyond anything you could imagine and then again beyond that…….Luv and light Alessandra ♥♥♥


Are you willing to jump and “trust” that life will open the parachute for you?

Are you willing to change the story you have been “carrying” around like a trophy, because it has become too comfortable and find the map to the hidden treasure of your Soul that has been buried deep in the dungeons of the mind?

Are you will to dare listen to a new story and take a step into the blank chapters without knowing what will show up?

Are you willing to tap into the amazing power that lies dormant in your heart?

Are you willing to open the gate that holds you hostage and set out for new adventures and let your Soul free?

Are you willing to stand centre stage and let us see your light?

……………..Or are you so fearful of life that you will walk this plane with a blindfold on your eyes, so you don’t get tempted to see how magnificent life can be, if only you drop the veil and see that your fear was a handed down illusion and all along you allowed it to blind you from the truth: “THAT ALL LIFE STEMS FROM YOU EVEN FEAR AND THEREFORE YOU LIMITED YOUR POSSIBILITIES BY ALLOWING FEAR TO MANIFEST OVER AND OVER”.

Luv and light Alessandra(alias Ameeta) (c) 2017 ♥♥♥


Stage 4 of Evolution

…..our evolution can be a multitude of stages, as we can take detours that may not undo our progress just “stop” it in an intermediate stage. This means you may not recognise yourself in the previous 3 Stages but “feel” you have touched something in between, that is perfectly OK. The most important part is actually “being aware” and not sabotaging your progress because of detours, we are here to experience life and find our way back to enlightenment, no one is better or worse than anyone else or more advanced (NO ONE).

So, lets say that you have come to the point where you can stay centered and “see” miracles and have a good “grasp” of the LAW OF ATTRACTION (staying in the VORTEX and experiencing the “good stuff”), what happens now? A lot can happen some is clearly evident because you tap into the energy field and can discern where you are, and then there is a more subtle and untouchable essence around you. What I mean is you can “feel” something else at play, it occurs in moments when you are open and fully in the VORTEX from a space that is not out of any book or any teaching you just “know” and allow it to show you the way. There is an “Inner Trust” guiding you to allow this “feeling to take you, without any control on your part. It is no longer a matter of “what actions do I take to make things happen” but rather “seeing”  the actions occur spontaneously, you just follow the inner impulse and find yourself taking steps , finding doors, things, people and all you do is look in awe and flow with it. This is GOD’S MAGIC or the UNIVERSES MAGIC (whatever you prefer). you are the ENERGY, you are the MIRACLES, you are conspiring with the Universe/God and trusting this partner to show you the magic. You look at the  world around you and see what you are allowing GOD and the UNIVERSE to reflect into your world, you no longer feel separate from anything or anyone, you are in constant expansion and your heart beats with the heart of the planet and all the human seeds present in this moment. There is no time, space or separation you just are “Experiencing” your greatness in union with GOD/UNIVERSE. This happens in sprouts if you are in between stages, you can fluctuate but once experienced you will want to stay there. But, beware it is not out of will power that it can happen or plans, lists or anything else that is pushing, simply out of complete and utter surrender, like floating on your back in the ocean just allowing the tide to take you ……..

It has always been part of you…the world is inside of you not on the outside. Your experience the world as you feel it and there are no secrets other than our conditioned mind that has been repeating the same old story and will resist this new journey , even a slight doubt will reinforce the old and distance you from the 4th Stage (or any other Stage that it has no “control” over). Make room for your intuition to lead the way, trust GOD/Universe. STAY IN THIS MOMENT and see how amazing your world is when you don’t try to control it.

…there is much more to this 4th STAGE it is the most intimate relationship you will ever have the “understanding” and “connection” with your “Creator” who always has your back……….

Luv & Light (c) Alessandra ♥♥♥



Life is what we “FEEL” and the Sub Conscious mind is the “BIG BOSS” of our experience.

We all have flawed “mindsets” but they are beliefs and we can change them NOW!!

If you want to see changes in your life, yes change your thoughts, but also patiently re enforce these changes so they are registered deep in the Sub Conscious and LIFE WILL SAY YES TO YOU!!

Luv and light Alessandra (C) (Alias Ameeta)

Stage 3 of Spiritual Evolution

And so we reach a point where we ease into Stage 3 ….I say ease because by now we have learnt flexibility and accepted change. Necessarily it can be a long transition but it can also be a spontaneous explosion. It always is about our “allowing” and letting go of “control”. In Stage 2, we explore our “power” and “manifestation” and to do so we have corrected our mindset, the “old  patterns”  will no doubt creep back into our awareness but we will be able to ignore them and move forward much quicker..

What remains now is our “belief” that we need to control the process. NO, actually this stage is about realising that life is “trying to work through us” by unlocking the “initial” program contained in our ‘ Human Seed”. Part of us the “control side” will automatically engage with the manifesting stage and there is nothing wrong in staying in this stage, however there is so much more to experience. If you have ever been on the edge of a “diving board” you may have experienced that pull to jump but also the pull to walk backwards and then forward again. Now this is what it feels like so imagine, how you felt when you actually jumped it felt scary yes but also exciting and while you were diving you didn’t have the time or could change your mind so you just went with it and resurfaced with no problem and I hope excited at your success. Well, this is exactly “what control IS” !

Stage 3 is the Mystical Stage and in the initial moments when you go in and out you can experience the bliss of being part of all that surrounds you and seeing miracles happen, synchronicity, serendipity, and grace “DIVINE GRACE” everything is OK and all works out, you are safe and you feel loved. There is a sense of awe and a willingness to say YES.

Does this mean that you are detached from worldly matters, what I can say is that you “see” the world as a big work in progress and know that we are all creating it. Now imagine if we all reached Stage 3 and were able to create all this in the world at large.

WE CAN!! one at a time for every Human Seed that blossoms and says YES there will be a ripple effect, more Human Seeds will search for answers and this is the start of the HUMAN SPIRITUAL JOURNEY…….I like to recall a song by John Lennon ” IMAGINE” I am certain he was beyond the Stage 3 and was opening the door with his music………

Luv and Light Alessandra (C) (Alias Ameta) ♥♥♥

Stage 1 of Spiritual Evolution

“We are all “Enlightened Beings”.

This statement may seem strange to most, but consider that at birth we all have a deep connection with our Source and therefore are “Enlightened”, fully aware of our purpose and power. As we grow we start “absorbing” our surroundings and start “forgetting” we experience what I call “Spiritual Amnesia” which can be short or as long as we walk the planet and this is what creates the  “Stages of Spiritual Evolution”

There is no judgement in the description or the recognition of this in human beings, no one has the power to look down on anyone, other than to acknowledge your own journey and respecting that of your buddy travellers.

Stage 1. The Blame game, of survival and eye for an eye, where most of our learning occurs. Our experience of the outside world rotates around the belief that “others, situations, things” are responsible for our “unhappiness, unworthiness, lack”. We have no “awareness” that what we experience is actually our own projection, our inner talk, we walk through life oblivious of any inkling of this and wonder “why” life is so hard. In this primal stage we experience the conditioning first hand and in accordance with the program installed in the “Avatar” body, will play out patterns in all areas of our life. In this stage our SOUL has been relegated to a mere witness and we act and react emotionally to what happens around us by our own design and the actors to this play are attracted to match our “vibration”. The cycle goes on and on, the dog chasing its tail without understanding that we are the dog and the tail is the life we would like, but until we stop and look at the scene from a distance we will not “see” what is actually happening and how it can be changed, so we keep chasing. We are surrounded by the same vibrational energy because we can’t attract other actors until we change our thoughts and emotions. Life in this stage is sheer and absolute “SHIT”, it instils sentiments of envy, jealousy, anger, fear, anxiety, and everyone to our eyes is an enemy.

Please understand that this stage ” is necessary”, we are here to learn and expand and we do that by being the students of life. The reason why it takes many humans a long time to move to the next stage (or not at all)is because we become trapped in our mind, we distract ourselves by occupying time in destructive activities. We are frozen in beliefs handed down by other humans who had not evolved and can’t see that there is only one moment and that life is to be lived. Our sense of time and security destroy our wings, we don’t dare to dream because we DO NOT BELIEVE in our capability and power, nor that we do have the capabilities or power. Those who do move out of the mind game seem to us the “lucky ones” the “few privileged unique beings who can be enlightened”. Nothing is further from the truth, we all have within us the capabilities, and power to be what we want to be, but we need to be willing to leave the mind cage, be willing to create a new story inside and believe it is so and stick to it so we can catch glimpses of the next stage and start easing into it and see miracles happen. Change the way you think and new actors will appear and with them new possibilities, new energy, new views of life and a knowing that every day is a blessing not to be wasted in a cage that our limited mind has created………..to be continued ….Stage 2..

Luv and light(c) Alessandra (alias Ameeta) ♥♥♥

The not so Secret Formula 2

…………….imagine the scene where you are in a space of silence and you formulate your intention(the story you tell the Universe – the why you are expressing the intention)and you are happy and trusting and you can see the scene of you already having what you are asking(and by the way you DO!!)and it feels good and the next step is the waiting.

Believe me the Universe/God/Source the moment you send out the intention has activated to re arrange people, events, funds to give you what you want. it’s law what you ask must be given…..but, because as humans we are wired by our social environment, family and whatever you want to add to this list, something on a deeper level that can seem from out of deep space starts stirring…you can even “feel” it rising up to hit you in the ” gut”…and the perfect intention is in danger from an unknown “entity” . It is like having another person inside of us taking over and just out of control.

This is our sub conscious – the inner critic. It is a perfect storage space, not only does it hold your memories of this life time but it has the memories of your past lives, family and I dare add the whole human race…..this is where it all goes pear shaped…………..to be continued…………….

Luv & light Ameeta♥♥♥


Gratitude = Abundance

The road to abundance is “Gratitude”!!

So here’s the thing, when you walk around complaining and gossiping or whatever it is that is churned out by the conditioned mind, deep breath and listen carefully now, ” you keep getting back exactly what you were complaining, gossiping or churning out” in ways that may seem by chance, but in reality it’s just you, you and you just spreading more of what you don’t want.

Now lets see the opposite assuming you have “understood” or just want to give it a go(nothing to lose) and you feel good, about the weather the things you were complaining about, guess what they don’t seem that bad and as you go along the thoughts become lighter there are more things to be happy about. Let’s say you just continue and keep this good vibe going and you start seeing that even the people that come into your life are happier. Yes, there will be the occasional grumpy all complaining episode just to keep you alert, but the feeling stays and your outlook on life becomes contagiously good.

Start your day (or end it or both) with just 3 things, the list will grow as it becomes obvious, to be grateful for. During the day find yourself saying “thank you” to anything even the tiniest things that you would normally not even see and how about saying “thank you” to something that didn’t work out too good.

It is understandable that when we are ill or challenged, it can be difficult, but life is precious in every moment and that in itself is something to be grateful for.

The “essence” is that everything in this life has a purpose and when we start looking at the opportunities that lie in all those occasions we complain or gossip etc… we will “see” the bigger picture of life and synchronicity at work.

Luv and light (c) by Ameeta ♥♥♥